Brooks running shoes

In today’s world, many people are just not as active in their daily life as they once were. This is due to many different factors, many of these being attributed to the advances in technology. This has made the act of running very popular as a form of recreation and exercise. Of course, without the proper shoes running can be not only a chore, but dangerous as well. The proper running sneaker is important, as it will conform to your foot giving you proper bridge and ankle support for your activities.

brooks-pure-connectThis is why Brooks shoes are so important. They have been engineered to give your foot maximum arch and ankle support while being comfortable for running. The company offers shoes for both men and women, and has a variety of sport and running shoes designed to fit your needs. For women they offer sneakers for running on the track, on the road, and even off the road. The needs for each of these conditions is different, which is why Brooks shoes has designed their foot wear with these separate needs in mind. Not only are these shoes comfortable and protective of your foot, but they are also stylish as well. brooksshoes They are available in many different styles and treads, with a great number of colors available to support not just your feet, but your fashion needs as well. For men, they offer the same different types of support that they do for women. Of course, the styles are different and are made to give a masculine appearance. Remember, it is important that you pick the shoe that is the right fit for you and your workout routine. No matter what your choice of styles, exercises, or choice of terrain is, there is a Brooks shoes designed for your needs.


My podiatrist told me he would have 75% fewer clients if everyone wore Brooks Shoes. These are the best shoes for folks with flat feet and heavy pronation. At first they feel clunky and look big, but you soon get used to it once you realize that your feet don’t hurt anymore! I walked Disney for three straight days in these and never complained, but yet a few hours in trendy shoes and I wince the next morning. I wish Brooks made athletic cleats, I would buy those too.

I have been walking and running in the Brook Shoe for more than 5 years and find it an excellent shoe for both comfort and for staying injury free. I’m not a heavy runner: 160 lbs and 5’11. Also I’m nearing 65. But for me this shoe allows me to run in comfort and since switching from other brands I’ve experienced no injuries and almost no knee pain.


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